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TRI-SCREEN-j|- L |||$j||E & iFPlN 





Diamond Hunt 

4 separate games to play! 

Every Tri Screen Time & Fun offers you 4 exciting games to choose from. 
You can play a separate game on each of the three screens, or you can play 
one marathon game that lets you try to make your way through all three 
screens, one after another. 

Get ready! 

1) Insert 2 batteries (LR43 or SR43) with 
"+" sign up as illustrated in diagram. 

2) Insert pen or paper clip in "ACL" opening. 

3) Check to see that all patterns are displayed on 


Get set! 

Select game "A", game "B", game "C" or game "ABC" by pressing 
"GAME" button until desired game appears in screen. A high score will be 
displayed. Press "JUMP" button and you will hear a musical note. Then the 
game will start. 


Move the Diamond Hunter by pressing the "DIRECTIONAL" button on the 
bottom left. Use the "JUMP" button to make the Diamond Hunter jump 
over threatening objects like rocks and poisonous snakes. 

Game "A" 

A crazed elephant in the middle screen throws rocks down to the lower 
screen. You must press the "JUMP" button to avoid the rocks, grab the 
vine, swing across the river. And avoid the falling rocks on the other side. 


Get 2 points for every rock you jump. 

Game over 

If the Diamond hunter either falls in the river or is hit by rocks 3 times, 
the game is over. 

Game "B" 

The elephant throws rocks. Angry witch doctors cast electric spells and a 
hungry lion wants to have you for lunch. You have to avoid all these dangers 
to survive. 


Get 50 points for every successful cross. 

When the Diamond Hunter is hit or eaten three times the game is over. 

Game "C" 

Jump over the poisonous snakes. Find the Magic Axe and kill snakes on 
the ground and make your way to the Lost Diamond. Remember, you can't 
move forward while you have the Magic Axe, so you have to decide to get 
rid of it if you want to go on to the Lost Diamond. Beware of the giant 
snake on the tree, don't jump right under it or you might get bitten. 


Get 2 points for every snake you jump over. Get 5 points for every snake 
you kill with the Magic Axe. Get a 50 point bonus for reaching the Lost 

Game over 

If the Diamond Hunter is bitten by a snake three times the game is over. 

Game "ABC" 

Plays all the above, combined. 

Game over 

Losing the Diamond Hunter three times in any of the three screens means 
the game is over. 

The maximum score is 9999. 

This unit will return to 'TIME 1" mode in 30 seconds. 

Silent Running 

To play games without the giveaway musical tones and game noises, simply 
push the SOUND OFF C J} OFF) button after you select the desired game. 

Time functions 

Your Tri-screen Time & Fun has 5 time functions. Time 1, Time 2, Alarm, 
Date and stopwatch. To view a specific mode, push the TIME button until 
the appropriate function appears. 

Time 1 

Quartz accurate timing, this mode can be used as a watch. 

I TIME1 lC'I« I 


Display TIME 1 mode. Press "SET" button with the tip of a pen until "Time 
1" sign flashes. Press jump button to set minutes. Press left directional 
button to set hour. Press SET button to end setting. Make sure 'Time 1" 
sign ceases to flash. 

Time 2 

Useful for keeping track of the exact time in another time zone. 

( I i-C L ^ 

j TIME2 I l'_t U PM 


Display TIME 2 mode. 

Press SET button until "Time 2" sign flashes. 

Set time in same manner as for 'Time 1 " 


Use as a wake-up system or as a reminder for important appointments. 

( ALM OO i ^ 

I yr W-i « pm 


Display ALARM mode. Press SET button until "ALM" sign flashes in screen. 
Set alarm time in same manner as for 'Time 1" and "Time 2". Stop alarm 
sound by pressing any game key. 

Cancel alarm 

Press "Alarm Off" button (J^OFF) while the until is in Alarm setting mode. 


Measure time accurately to nearest 1/10 sec. 

f chr n n. i zi ~t ^ 

I u HJ • uc 


• Display Stopwatch mode (CHR) by pressing "TIME" button until CHR 
appear in screen. 

• Start time by pressing "CHR START" button. 

• Display Lap time by pressing "CHR LAP" button. 

• Continue Lap time by pressing "CHR LAP" button again. 

• Stop time by pressing "CHR STOP" button. 

• Reset to zero by pressing "CHR RESET" button. 


Displays day and month. 

( DATE Jt'D O ^ 

I -'•'- -' I 

Date setting 

Display date mode. Press "SET" button until "Date" sign flashes. Set month 
with left directional button . Set day with jump button. 


Power source: Button cell (2x LR43 or 2xSR43) 

Battery life: Time display only: 4 months 

One hour game per day: 3 months. 

Operating Temperature: 10°C — 40°C 


Avoid extreme temperatures such as freezing or direct sunlight. 
Do not subject unit to heavy shock. 
Do not use thinner to clean screen. 
Do not press heavily on display screen. ©1982 vtl made in hong kong